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Offshore Financial company has the same activity as an offshore bank, but with less legislative demands. Our offshore financial companies may have in the name the word 'Bank'.

If you do business or want to do business in the finance and protect your assets, so this solution is designed just for you.

We offer OFC (Offshore Financial Company) at the lowest price on the market.

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Banking like (OFC) Offshore Financial Companies

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Offshore Financial Companies

Offshore banking solution

Offshore Company

Lowest price of UK company

Complete banking solution

Start your own offshore banking business

Citizenship of Honduras

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Offshore Financial Company activities & Documents

Here you can find attached information documents about citizenship of Honduras in different languages and application form.

Offshore Financial Companies

Business Activities

- provision of commercial and non-commercial loans, credits, micro-credits, mortgages or other forms of loans in any currency;

- provision of non-bank loans, credits and mortgages in any currency;

- acceptance of securities and guarantees for the provided loans, credits, micro-credits, mortgages or other forms of loans;

- keeping client accounts in any currency;

- provision of securities, guarantees or any other form of pledges;

- issuance of payment cards or payment card transaction processing;

- making and clearing payments;

- acting as a broker or an agent for any type of payments and clearing transactions;

- acting as a broker, an agent, an exchange office or a clearing center;

- provision of factoring services and trade with third persons and corporate liabilities;

- acting as a consultant, financial consultant, real estate or investment broker and execution of other legitimate commercial, financial or mediating activities, which are not in a conflict with Business Act.;

Offshore Company Services

per annum paid services

Nominee Directors and board of company

Virtual headquarters of ordered company

Accounting and TAXES consultancy

Offshore Company Package

All documents in package

Certificate of Incorporation

Deed of Foundation

Legalization & Apostile


Citizenship of Honduras


Information in English OPEN&DOWNLOAD

Law of naturalization in English OPEN&DOWNLOAD

Honduras citizenship application OPEN&DOWNLOAD

Pricing Table of Offshore Companies & Services

We offer the lowest price of Offshore Banking companies. Quantity discounts and Special Offers

Offshore UK

from $2000
  • Offshore company in UK
  • Legalization & Apostile
  • Virtual headquarters
  • Nominee directors
  • Annual fee: 190 USD
  • up to 1 months
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Offshore Caribbean

$6000/Complete soulution
  • Offshore Company in Caribbean
  • Virtual headquarters
  • Nominee directors
  • Registered capital: 10000 USD
  • Legalization & Apostile
  • Annual fee: 290 USD
  • up to 2 months
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Offshore Bank

$49000/ Bank
  • Banking company
  • Legalization
  • Apostila
  • Registered capital 20 mio EUR
  • Banking software
  • up to 3 months
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  • UK Company : $2.000
  • Offshore USA Company : $6.900
  • Offshore Caribbean Company : $6.000
  • Offshore Bank : $49.000
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